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KNOW ALL ABOUT LIFTING precast concrete and tilt panel

Horsham Cranes is a leading precast concrete and tilt panel crane lifting provider in Horsham and surrounding suburbs. Our team of experienced and qualified crane operators can safely and efficiently erect your precast concrete and tilt panels.

We offer a wide range of services, including:
We use only the highest quality cranes and equipment, and our team is committed to safety and performance. We understand that every project is unique, and we work with our clients to develop a customised solution that meets their specific needs.

Provide the right crane for panel erection and pre-cast installation.

The type of crane you need for panel erection and pre-cast installation will depend on the size and weight of the panels, as well as the height of the building. We can handle many projects and help you select the right crane. You must talk to our team and discuss the job description. We can visit the site in advance and prepare the job blueprint.

Concrete Tilt Panel Lifting Is Quite A Task

Working with concrete panels is a risky job in the crane industry. Accidents have happened due to lifting component breakdowns and fallen loads. It’s essential to minimise lifting insert failure and ensure safe lifting and positioning of the panels. Horsham Cranes prefers quality over quantity. We don’t rush with things. A slight mistake can cost thousands of dollars. On top of it, the safety! We work on reducing the danger of every possibility of causing an accident while working with concrete tilt panels.

Here are some specific steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of accidents when lifting concrete panels:

Why are concrete tilt panels so famous in construction?

Precast construction, known as tilt-up concrete, is a two-step procedure. According to the Tilt-up Concrete Association, the load-bearing section of a building is often made up of concrete slabs cast on the ground next to the structure. The panels are cured before being tilted vertically and placed side by side on the foundation by crane.

Concrete tilt panels are becoming increasingly popular in Australia for several reasons, including:

Concrete tilt panels offer many advantages, making them a popular construction choice in Australia. They are cost-effective, quick to erect, durable, and versatile. As a result, they are likely to continue to be a popular building method in the years to come.

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